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Government Banking

Working with our experienced bankers who know your unique needs.

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Time-Saving and Smart Solutions

Looking for safe and reliable financial solutions for your public organization or government agency? At Cogent Bank we specialize in banking for local government, offering a variety of financial products to fulfill your operational needs while reducing spending and maximizing taxpayer dollars. Our banking services can not only make your agency more efficient, with robust and easy-to-use payment collection options, we can help increase your revenue, stay solvent, and best serve your community at large. 

Public Finance & Government Banking Team

Our Government Banking Associates assist public entities with improved cash flow and lending solutions. With a strong knowledge of public finance, Cogent Bank can help governments accomplish many objectives. Consult with a member of our team today to get started:

Mike Horkey
Mike Horkey
John McDonald
John McDonald

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    Financial Solutions for All Public Entities 

    Public organizations and agencies have a wide range of banking needs. At Cogent Bank, our relationship team has experience working with many government and municipal offices, including:  

    • Local, county, and state governments 
    • Community Development Districts 
    • School districts and charter schools 
    • Water, sewer, and utility authorities 
    • Higher education: community and county colleges, state colleges, and universities 
    • Transit and airport authorities 
    • Public libraries 

    Cash Flow Management Solutions 

    Whether you’re looking for a short-term loan or long-term borrowing options, we have a variety of debt facilities to help your organization reach its goals while maintaining sufficient asset liquidity: 

    • Procurement Card Program 
    • Term Loans 
    • Lines of Credit 
    • Real Estate Loans 
    • Loan Refinance 

    Municipal and Government Banking Solutions 

    From deposit accounts to treasury management, at Cogent Bank, we offer a variety of products and services to help you manage your day-to-day finances: 

    • Deposit (Checking and Savings) and Escrow Account options 
    • Treasury Management Services: ACH origination, zero balance and sweep accounts, vendor payments, merchant card services, and more 
    • Simple and secure payment collection and disbursement services: 
      • Efficiently and securely collect payments with image-based lockbox and image cash letter, remote deposit capture, merchant card services, Electronic Data Exchange (EDI) services, and more. 
      • Make payments, protect your accounts from fraud, and facilitate reconciliation with ACH Check and Positive Pay, online payroll, full and partial account reconcilement, images of paid items via transmission or CD-ROM 
    • Cogent Connection Digital Banking: Online banking includes wire transfers, images of paid items, balance reporting, stop payments, and current day cash position reports 

    Client Service

    We not only have all the products and services job easier, but we also have local bankers ready to meet in person or take your call when questions arise.

    • Local banking team
    • Property Management Support Team
    • CINC Partner Bank
    • Electronic Accounting Opening and Signature Cards

    Choose Cogent Bank

    At Cogent Bank, we partner with local government entities of all sizes, helping them to manage their financial needs so they can best support their local communities. With years of experience in municipality and government banking, our experts can find the right products and services for your organization or agency—and our dedicated support team is never more than a phone call away. Reach out to us today to learn more about our specialty government banking services and see how we can streamline and simplify your financial management. 

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