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Business Banking      Industry Specialties

Industry Specialties

Work with our experienced managers who know your
unique needs.

Our experienced bankers utilize state-of-the-art technology to provide time saving and smart solutions.

We’ll always go the extra mile for our client relationships, and ensure we’re acting in their best interest.

Association Banking

Our experienced bankers utilize state-of-art technology to provide time-saving and smart solutions. Whether you’re seeking a country club or HOA banking partner for everyday financial management or a flexible, community-based lender, we have the right options to help your association run with efficiency today while laying the groundwork for tomorrow’s growth.

Attorneys & Law Firms

Cogent Bank understands the unique financial needs of individual attorneys and law firms of all size.  At Cogent, all of our clients work directly with an experienced relationship manager who you review your needs and develop financing solutions tailored to you, your firm and your clients.

Banking Solutions

  • Easily manage IOTA accounts for your clients, with direct payment of interest to your state's Bar Foundation.
  • Accelerate receivables and improve payments with remote deposit solutions, ACH origination and wire services.
  • Offset services charges on your operating account by including IOTA account balances in your monthly analysis calculations.

Commercial Loans

  • Operating LOC for Firm
  • Partnership buy in/buy outs
  • Practice related commercial real estate purchase and refi loans

Treasury Management Solutions

  • Streamline wire process
  • Escrow accounting
  • 3 way monthly reconciliation services or RE closing attorneys
  • Fraud Control Services including check positive pay and ACH fraud monitoring service
  • Merchant Processing and online payment portals
Blockchain-Enabled Companies

We know the future of payment processing is changing rapidly, and we strive to provide our commercial clients with integrated solutions to stay relevant and up-to-date with the latest developments.

Your Blockchain Bank

Our team is the Centralized Finance (CeFi) solution for the decentralized world. Join us, and let's keep building together.

Blockchain Payments

TassatPay™, a blockchain-based, real-time payment platform that provides instantaneous, secure, real-time payments 24/7/365 over a permissioned blockchain.

Business Checking

  • Fraud detection utilizing ACH Positive Pay, ACH Block, and Check Issue Positive Pay
  • Two full-service account options are available (Logic Checking and Consensus Checking) based on your company’s needs
  • Robust suite of Treasury Management products available to complement and enhance your deposit account
Cannabis Banking

We are proud to be part of this growing industry and work hard to build long-term, open relationships with cannabis businesses. We understand the cannabis industry is a rapidly evolving, fast-paced industry with elevated risks. Our systems are designed to meet FinCen enhanced guidelines in the most eff­icient and e­ffective way. Our dedicated high-touch sales and compliance support teams are here to assist you with all your banking needs.

The Di­fference

  • Seasoned relationship team with significant industry experience
  • Our relationship-friendly and knowledgeable compliance team works quickly to onboard Cannabis Related Businesses (CRBs) and offers expert advice on how to stay compliant with changing rules and regulations
  • Our compliance partner, Green Check, partners with a wide variety of point of sale (POS) providers allowing for easy integration and seamless bank deposit reporting
  • Our cannabis banking program is focused on businesses throughout the cannabis supply chain including dispensaries, cultivators, wholesalers, testing companies, and many more
  • We offer a full suite of treasury services including remote and mobile deposit, online banking, online wires, ACH, and cash processing services
Government Banking

Meet operational needs and maximize taxpayer dollars with full-service solutions designed for government entities.

We work with public entities including:

  • Local/county and state governments, Community Development Districts, school districts, charter schools, water, sewer, and utility authorities
  • Higher education: community and county colleges, state colleges and universities
  • Transit and airport authorities
  • Public libraries

Products and services for complex cash and liquidity needs:

  • Checking and CD options
  • Debt facilities
  • Customized Services
    • Vendor payments, escrow accounts, merchant services, procurement card program, fraud protection, and a dedicated support team who are never more than a phone call away
  • Digital Banking
    • Online banking includes wire transfers, images of paid items, balance reporting, stop payments, and current day cash position reports
  • Collection Services
    • Image-based lockbox, image cash letter, and more
  • Disbursement Services
    • Positive Pay, full and partial account reconcilement, image of paid items via transmission or CD-ROM, official checks, ACH Positive Pay processing, and zero balance accounts

Healthcare Banking

Our banking associates assist healthcare practices increase profitability and improve cash flow. With a strong knowledge of the healthcare industry, we understands how to capitalize on changing market conditions that directly benefit healthcare practices. We help healthcare practices accomplish many objectives such as expanding operations, changing locations, adding partners and ancillary services, and purchasing the latest healthcare technology and equipment.

We can provide financing for every stage of your practice:

  • Practice acquisitions
  • Practice debt re‑financing
  • Partnership buy-ins/buy-outs
  • Equipment purchases
  • Practice expansion, relocation or remodeling
  • Practice-related commercial real estate purchases and refinances

We also offer the following Treasury Management Services:

  • Integrated receivables solutions including healthcare Lockbox, online payments and patient payment processing
  • Remote deposit services for in office deposit, ACH Origination Services and competitive merchant services
Non-Profit Banking

Our products and services allow our non-profit clients to fully focus on their mission.

  • Banking
    • Deposits
    • Credit Cards
    • Digital Banking
  • Lending
    • Commercial Real Estate
    • Lines of Credit
    • Term Loans
    • Equipment Financing
  • Treasury Management
    • ACH Origination
    • ACH Positive Pay
    • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
    • Lockbox
    • Remote Deposit Capture
    • Merchant Card Service
  • International Banking Services
    • International Wire Transfer and International Services
Title Companies

We understand the unique needs of title companies and are dedicated to delivering customized products and services that meet your complex daily operating needs.

Products and services for complex cash and liquidity needs:

  • Digital Banking
    • Online banking includes wire transfers, images of paid items, balance reporting, stop payments, and current day cash position reports
  • Disbursement Services
    • Positive Pay, full and partial account reconcilement, controlled disbursement, image of paid items via transmission, official checks and ACH Positive Pay processing
  • Lending
    • Term and commercial lines of credit
  • Customized services
    • Electronic signature cards and a dedicated support team who are never more than a phone call away
  • Treasury Management Solutions
    • Streamline wire process
    • 3 Way Daily clearing and monthly reconciliation services. Online reconciliation service for title companies using ReWare, LandTech or Softpro title closing software
    • Fraud Control Services including check positive pay and ACH fraud monitoring service

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