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Cogent Bank uses tech, underserved sectors to fuel Orlando growth

By Ryan Lynch –  Orlando Business Journal

December 13, 2022

Ben Lalikos‘s bank has been staying busy during the past year.

The Central Florida market president for Orlando-based Cogent Bank saw the 2022 launch of new teams tied to cannabis banking as well as blockchain-enabled companies. The bank also launched 24/7 payments through blockchain-based TassatPay for customers.

Entering those underserved markets and using new tech tools are key to the bank’s success, Lalikos told Orlando Business Journal.

“Our goal is always looking forward to what the future may hold in our industry,” he said. “Being the size we are, it allows us to be nimble and look into things like that.”

Over the past year in Central Florida, the bank has seen a 28% increase in loans, 68% growth in deposits and is up 27% in total assets.

Here, Lalikos spoke with OBJ on the new lines of business the bank has launched, what the bank and its clients expect in the 2023 economic picture and more:

What motivated Cogent Bank to invest in cannabis and blockchain banking?

It’s really finding our niche. Banking is a widely used service, so how can we provide value for medical cannabis business owners in Florida — it’s legal, but at the same time, there is difficulty from a banking standpoint and our regulatory support working with them to do it the right way. It’s about helping those clients in a safe way, primarily from a depository standpoint. Blockchain banking is really where we see the technology of banking heading. Not necessarily from an investing standpoint — you see a lot of headlines on cryptocurrency — but 24/7 real-time payments is where that technology lies and being on the forefront of that.

How do tools like the 24/7 payments help Cogent Bank’s business retention and growth?

Businesses, like most people, live in a 24/7 world where we have the touch and feel of technology right at our fingertips. One of the things we continue to work with our partners is how we provide that in our world. The typical 9-5 banking hours are not the reality we live in anymore. Our team always is available to help our clients on the banking side of the business. Covid taught us it’s not necessarily about when the sun is up, it’s when the banking need arises — and that can be any time.

What are Cogent Bank’s goals for 2023?

We’re continuing to have strategic growth throughout the bank. It’s about client acquisition and serving those clients, whether it’s large or small clients, whether it’s the niche banking needs we have or the community’s needs, whether it’s Central Florida or throughout the state.

What’s Cogent Bank’s outlook on the financial environment in Central Florida in 2023?

It’s been said that Florida itself does feel insulated at times from the greater economic environment, but that doesn’t make it bulletproof. We’re cautiously optimistic we will continue to see businesses accomplish more. That’s ultimately what drives the growth, not just at Cogent Bank, but our economic growth is continuing to move forward. There’s always an ebb and flow with economic cycles, so it’s about being prepared for what may happen but still being cautiously optimistic, forward-thinking and not just waiting for bad things to happen.

What clients are saying about 2023?

Inflation and interest rates continue to be at the forefront of their thinking and if they are putting dollars toward growth, how they will get the best return on that. Any small- to medium-size business owner is looking through those focuses — it’s being bold-thinking and looking for opportunities. In times like these, opportunities arise and you want to be prepared to take advantage of those.

What other underserved business sectors may be where you expand service?

The innovation space, particularly in Central Florida, has continued to grow rapidly. We’ve been significantly involved with Synapse throughout the state and locally with the Orlando Tech Council and Orlando Economic Partnership with helping incubate early stage companies to provide an advisorship from the financial services side for what they may need. That continues to be a draw to both Central Florida and the state, the focus there, and I think there is a plethora of growth opportunities in the community.